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Feb 12

Tumblr: Jay-Z & Beyonce Share Pics of Their Daughter, Blue Ivy Carter

I have a feeling this may be a vague attempt to regain the good graces of the public after that whole “renting out a wing of the hospital and forbidding other parents to see their kids” fiasco. Celebrity baby pics can fetch outrageous prices so the fact that they’re giving them away on a public site for the world to see…well that’s something regular human beings do anyways but it’s still a respectable gesture. Either way, these pics are precious. What an adorable little chalupa!

She looks like Halle Berry with all that baby hair. And Jay-Z is absolutely beaming with pride.

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Jan 12

The Stuff Of Nightmares: Blue Ivy Carter

So are we all in agreement here that hopefully she doesn’t take up after her daddy?

Via TheDailyBeast.

Jan 12

The Meaning behind Blue Ivy.

A breakdown of how Beyonce and Jay-Z named their daughter:

Blueprint – print = Blue

Roman numeral, IV stands for the number 4 (Beyonce’s birthday is on Sept 4th, and Jay-Z’s is Dec. 4th. They also got married on April 4th and Beyonce’s latest Album is also titled 4).

I.V= read aloud is Ivy.

So, E=MC squared, H20 is water and the power couple’s daughter name is Blue Ivy.

This makes me wonder.. why did Gwyenth Paltrow name her kid Apple.

thanks perezitos & juicy express

Jan 12

Congrats to Jay-Z And Beyonce, The Birth of Their Daughter

The little mogul’s name? Blue Ivy Carter. A little ghettofab at first glance but she’s going to become one of the most powerful women in entertainment if she plays her cards right. SIMBA.

Congrats you enviable lovebirds.