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Feb 12

The Amasian Jeremy Lin!

Here’s a collage of Jeremy Lin puns made by the Post and New York Daily News from the past two weeks. (via thedailywhat)

Feb 12

Watch Jeremy Lin Pull Off a Last Second Game Winner

!Que LINdooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
Am I doing it right?

Feb 12

Jeremy Lin’s Junior High Year Book Picture

Guess which one is the future Knicks superstar?

And it goes without saying but Fernando Light (awesome name by the way – he should become a trackstar/soccer star with that name) looks a bit out of place.

By the way all of Lin’s old classmates are coming out of the trenches selling their yearbooks like hotcakes over on ebay. Highest selling price starts at $4,800. Enjoy the linsanity guys.

Via buzzfeed.

Feb 12

Kobe Now Knows Who Jeremy Lin Is

When asked by a reporter whether he has any advice for the Knicks PG shocker, Kobe responds ….