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Jan 12

The Official No Pants Subway Ride Video

As mentioned earlier, January 8th this year marked the annual No Pants Subway Ride and flocks of New Yorkers and other city citizens took to their public transportation to celebrate.

I noticed there were a lot more boxer briefs this year. But I know you’re watching this video for the softcore amateur porn so go ahead, get to it.

Via Improv Everywhere.

Jan 12

In Case You Missed It: No Pants Subway Ride

Photo via huffington post

Improv Everywhere organized/inspired another No Pants Subway Ride this year on January 8th. This event occurred mainly in New York but had followers all over the country. As you can tell from above, people weren’t shy to bear their respective manginas and cameltoes.

I gotta give a slow clap for these young ladies and men because they represented for every one out there ashamed of their zebra stretch marks on their flabby white ass.